Yikes!  Currently I am jammed up in the middle of 7 books! 

Ever find yourself backed up that way?Jerry Haack Books Happiness AdvJerry Haack Books What got

I am currently reading and/or rereading”¦

·       12 The Elements of Great Managing

·       What Got You Here Won’t Get you There

·       The Happiness Advantage

·       Moments of ImpactJerry Haack Books 12

·       Start With Why

·       The Power ofTedJerry Haack Books Ted Jerry haack Books Start with

·       The AdvantageJerry Haack Books The Advantage

All fantastic Jerry Haack Books Dying Jerry Haack Books Moments ofbooks that help me when coaching for business. (My favorite reread is The Power of Ted“¦it is so good)

I am also sliding in a non-related business book recommended to me by a fellow coach.

“Dying to Be Me” is a true story about a gal who fought cancer, was near death, and found true healing.

The book changes (or enhances) your perspective on what lies on the other side.  All while giving you a new view of how you could “choose” to live/love your life while on this side.