My annual fishing trip was so fun!  Lots of fish were caught, and eaten.  I returned this 23 and a half inch Walleye back into the Lake of the Woods after taking this photo.  And thanked the fish for the sheer joy and entertainment of letting me reel her in. That was the plan all along.  Any walleye between 19 and 28 inches go back in. Everyone in our boat knew that and we were all on the same page. After all, we were all in the same

When coaching for businesses I am hired to help everyone get on the same page”¦all in the same boat so to speak. Is the TEAM you work with all in the same boat? Life can be a real drag if you are not.  Those members of the team tend to not hold each other accountable, they keep score, hold resentments, and get overly emotional.  They tend to bicker with one another, or worse yet have artificial harmony.   That kind of team has high turn-over, and age the players faster than normal. Those types of TEAMS have a belief system of under-performing as being ok, the norm. It is their culture.

Getting a team together and in the same boat takes work. Defining your values, mission, and a burning platform are some of the main ingredients. Weekly staff, operations, and sales meetings reinforce this vision or road map.

When your staff knows where they are going it is much easier to keep them in the same boat. Catching the big fish is a highlight. But the day to day working alongside of each other is what creates the effectiveness and the comradery. That’s the stuff that motivates and keeps the conviction running high.

Make a difference today and check it out. See if you can get everyone in the same boat. Life is so much easier that way.