Are you offended when a salesperson (who is calling on you, and wants to sell you their product) wants to be your friend? Some of my clients are.  And I must admit I am too.  Sometimes the incongruence makes me sick to my stomach. Seriously, why would anyone think it is a good idea to try and buddy up with a prospect?!? It is unauthentic, and very inconsiderate and still I hear it over and over.  Some of my clients believe it is their number one objective when making a sales call”¦Seeing if they can develop a relationship with the client.

In principle it is a good idea.  But the method is totally wrong. The way you develop a relationship, one built on a bond base of trust is to go in there and interview the client. Have the conviction to ask lots of questions.  Be wildly curious. And whatever you do”¦DO NOT sell them anything on the first visit.

That my dear friends is how you develop a relationship with a new prospect. Do you do that? When coaching for businesses I spend all of my time reconditioning my sellers to stop selling and look to the long term. Look to develop a relationship with the client that is long term. A relationship built on trust and results.

The only way that can happen is to get to know them on a professional level. Be a pro, ask questions about their company”¦find out the Situation. Repeat their answers back to them and then ask them their short and long term goals. Know all of that and you will know the client. That will put you in a position to serve them.

Ready set go!!!