Evoking C-H-A-N-G-E dialogue takes guts and conviction. Yes, guts and conviction”¦A really strong belief or opinion in a cause or plan. What does it take?  Love”¦Mission”¦Vision! Do you love someone enough, or believe in the mission enough, or the vision of the company enough to have that conversation? The conversation that is going to evoke change in the relationship, in the individual, or TEAM.

People with those skills, get the big jobs. Are you one of them? Or do you aspire to be one? I have a client, a long time really good client that is also a good friend we’ve been through a lot together as client and coach. So much so that I could comfortably coast along and continue the status quo.  After all, he’s happy with his results. But I believe the status quo can be a trap.  Oh sure there are advantages with staying still, like avoiding some risk, whether it be monetary, physical, or even spiritual beliefs.  All creating possible negative outcomes. 

I encourage you to push past that fear and look to the disadvantages that are also present with keeping the status quo. Those are hard conversations to have. Hard conversations that are based on your alliance with this person, or TEAM. You’ll have to ask yourself these questions”¦

  1. What did you originally commit to them?
  2. And are you being accountable to your own integrity?

Being a coach is a commitment to evoking change and not standing still for the status quo. Have you someone like that in your life? Are you that person?