Arguments, positioning of power, underhanded manipulations, political posturing, and backroom collaborating. When coaching for businesses I see this. Of those which do you prefer to work with? I like the arguments.  At least you can see those coming. The others are more stealth, and out of the peripheral. Here is a simple way to deal with disagreements”¦

1)      Identify the disagreement

2)      Disagree

3)      Understand both ways

4)      Conversation for alignment

5)      Align

6)      Agree to disagree

Sometimes it is that easy.  Just need to get it out in the open and make sure that each party hears the others side.

Another way is to “name” the friction and ask that they “choose” to alignment versus agreement. Alignment does not necessarily mean agreeing with each other. It is a “willingness” to listen to each other’s point of view.

Usually we agree-understand-accept.  THAT is the wrong order!

ACCEPT-UNDERSTAND-ALIGN is the right order.

When coaching for businesses I have found that you can then “agree to disagree” if you take that order.

Ways to help people align is in the language they use.  Try these on”¦

·       “What I like about that idea””¦

·       Yes/And (The accepting part is the YES)

·       Blend and Lead (You have to give a little)

·       Two over lapping circles

Meet the friction head on.  Growth is there waiting for you.