The daily site visits to just keep building! Thank you! Why? Relevancy, and frequency. Building a following on your website is not a secret formula. Anyone can do it.

This site, Jerry Haack Celebrationyou are currently reading, has grown from ZERO (November, 2013) to some days with over 230 reads in the 1st year. In our first year we’ve posted roughly two to three articles per week and invited our Facebook Friends, Tweeps, Pinners, Circles and Linked in Associates to tune into the knowledge we are sharing.

The secret? All you have to have is an ever changing relevancy to your market audience and it will happen.

Oh sure, you must follow a formula of sorts. 2 blogs per week, 150-300 words, with at least 3 words (for google analytics) that has continuity with every blog. In this particular case”¦ “Coaching for Businesses”.

I incorporate those 3 words because there are approximately 800 inquiries per day with those 3 words and so my subject matters to appease everyone with that interest. The really cool thing that I am discovering is the feedback.  I am receiving different perspectives from all of the subject matters.  I’ve talked about my life’s business and personal experiences, kids, relationships, business developments, rollouts, advertising campaigns, employees, sales goals, sales fears, poker, human resources, and fishing trips. All of that has a relevancy for Coaching for Businesses.

What are people searching for when they are looking for you? Where do you show up when they are looking for you? Most of you only need to be found locally and need a local search engine optimization strategy. Our strategy reaches out beyond city and state borders with a goal of ranking nationally with organic search. Of course this strategy takes time and effort but in the end it’s way more affordable than pay per click on a national level and I have been told organic rankings have a shelf life and usually keep climbing up the search ranks as long as you keep active, thank you for the activity! Thank you for tuning in!

Feel free to continued feedback and inquiries it means a lot to know the work we are doing here is helping your life, your career and your business! I’m not going to pretend to be the internet marketing genius I have a few friends helping me out and they can explain internet traffic better than I can even begin too! Shoot me an email if you would like to discuss internet strategy with any of my partners- Jerry (