I used to think of myself as a soldier holding his own against impossible odds, Badly outnumbered, and caught in a crossfire of devils and gods. 

All I ever wanted to be was free, all I ever wanted to see was within my eyes to see. Oh, but these days, are just like you and me. Dan Fogelberg”¦These Days

I listened to this 1975 classic and thought how much it resonated with my life-Back then, and now.

When coaching for businesses I find members of the TEAM that feel a sense of being outnumbered and caught in the crossfire.  And holding their own against impossible odds. That’s how it feels for them!  Get that in your head”¦know that fact. When the associate is NOT trusting the management, they do not believe they are being heard.

You have to listen to them if you want synergy in your company.  You can create this by listening and knowing what the associates are feeling.  It’s that simple. Emotional intelligence is the greatest game buster of any marketing tool in existence.  You, as a leader, MUST be emotionally intelligent yourself BEFORE you can actually help lead an associate through their own emotional battlefield. 

All I ever wanted to be is free!!!

You can be the leader you always wanted to be.  Just listen.