Lord! Black Friday is looming. It is right around the corner. Are you ready? Can you compete? When I am coaching for Businesses I am often up against the sheer ominousness of the little independent versus the goliath. Are you one of those? If so, I invite you to take a deep breath and relax.  You have your niche.  Remember?  It’s YOU!!! You and your vision is the difference. You and your confidence is what people are willing to step away from the giant chain store to get. Evoke confidence always be authentic and transfer your brilliance.

Everyone is thinking of hitting the malls on Black Friday, but few people are aware of Small Business Saturday.  One of the challenges that owners of small businesses often face, is their inability to see outside of the box they build for themselves.  And they tend to be wary of spending extra money on things like marketing, because they know they can’t outspend the huge chains. It’s true you cannot outspend the box stores but you can out service and out think them!

Many small businesses don’t have a lot of extra capital to invest in something like this.  Would it be worth the ROI for you to hire a coach?  Or a marketing consultant? This may include hiring the right people born to do a job you offer, inventory expansion, organizational software, and construction or reconstruction of your marketing plans, website and social media.

There are lots of companies like me out there offering free advice.  Take advantage of them.  Jerry Del Colliano’s website is one, and another intriguing site is Kabbage . They have some terrific informational resources on their website that includes great blog articles, and over 100 free business guides for starting and expanding a venture.  It’s their business to keep you in business they can help!

Check them out.  And while you’re doing it remember to be who you are”¦it’s enough!

Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope you are as grateful as I am for living in this great country.”‹