Team members not trusting one another? I believe it is more of the norm than NOT. How vulnerable will you be with a team member when you have heard them dis another team member behind their back? Happens all of the time!!!

It’s really so obvious”¦ “I can’t stand the way Tom acts when he is in a meeting, he’s so arrogant!”

Or how about”¦“Gary bashes you when you aren’t around.” 

You going to trust one single word coming out of this persons mouth moving forward?!? Some people think they are being clever.  In reality they are being foolish. Talking about someone to another is the same as broadcasting it over a loudspeaker”¦ “Hey, don’t tell me anything because I like to talk about everyone and everything and you can bet your LIFE that I won’t make YOU the exception to the rule!!!”

How many times have you heard”¦“Hey, don’t say I said anything but”¦” Nauseating isn’t it? The truth is that this kind of behavior is present in just about every business I’ve been in. When coaching for businesses I look for it because it is such an easy place to start my coaching.

No trust, no vulnerability.  No vulnerability, no healthy conflict.  No healthy conflict, no commitment.  No commitment, no accountability.  No accountability, no attention to results.  Lencioni really has it right. Call it out the next time you hear it. Stop the insanity.

Be the voice of reason, not deceit!