First steps to success in coaching business starts with the client consultant/coach agreement. Clearly identifying what the relationship is intended to be like is the most important “first step” in kindling a wonderful relationship.  As a business/executive coach and/or life coach, it is imperative that the beginning “contract” be firmly established.  It is what we call “Designing the Alliance”.

DO NOT short cut this step!  As a matter of fact you may want to circle back around to it after 6 months or a year and discuss what it might look like moving forward.

  • Committing to the relationship
  • Keeping confidentiality
  • Having openness to new ideas and perspectives
  • Time respect and make up
  • How long each call will be
  • What access  you will have to each other
  • When you can cancel the agreement
  • How soon you will call back
  • How much the pay is
  • When you will paywhat the expectations are”¦

ALL very important in setting up the relationship.  Following this recipe has helped me have a long list of satisfied clients.

I Also make a claim going in”¦

“You will experience a transformation within 6 months.  You will feel a shift within 90 days.  If you do not, you have the wrong coach.“  It is that simple. The same parameters hold true for consulting a client.

S-P-E-L-L out the expectations going in.  Be clear on what is going to happen.  Do not hesitate to be transparent and open to all that is present.  Being in relationship is hard work.  Do not cut corners.

I am currently experiencing one of my proudest moments as a coach and consultant.  I have a client that resisted bringing me into their business.  “We don’t need a consultant in here!”  Was his words.  And now, he is probably one of my best testimonials.  Why?  Because we had the hard conversations, and I didn’t hide anything going in.  I was very clear with him as to what was going to happen.

And consequently, I have the greatest job in the world.