2 years from today you are dead.  No longer here”¦gone. All that is left, for the people that loved you, are memories. What will those memories be?

I’ve just given you a new perspective to contemplate.  It is an interesting question.  A fair question especially if you want to live a “purpose-filled” life. Think about it.  Really think.  It definitely puts a new “spin” on things.

How different would you be leading your life?

  • Is work worry wearing you down?
  • Money issues?
  • Worried about test scores?
  • Kids got you down
  • Your weight”¦or saggy skin?

Are any of those worries the lasting image you want people to think of when you’re gone? The last thing they remember you by? Of course not!!

You want them to remember you as the vibrant loving human being that you are. Full of fun, compassion, optimism, vigor, and passion. The very best version of you is what you would want them to remember. Anything short of that would be a disappointment.

Life is fragile and it works in mysterious ways. Leave a legacy that lasts and live each day to its fullest.  So, why not live your life as if you knew your death date!

Stay present, live now, enjoy every minute, as if it were the very last day of your life.

It’s your choice.