Are you creating what you want or creating what you do not want to have happen? It still amazes me how many companies I coach are putting systems in place to prevent what they do not want to have happen. That is backwards!

Putting systems in place to create what you want takes vision.  It is “Why” you exist! So you have to articulate that vision’s end result. Do you want your clientele to tell every single person they know what their experience was like working with you? Pretty bold isn’t it? Then you will have to find a way to say it.  Think of the “end” in mind.

For example “When you climb into your very own OMG Mattress your eyes will roll to the back of your head as you sigh the biggest breath of relief you have ever experienced, until the next night of course, when it happens all over again.” I’ve never slept in a bed like that, not even sure it exists, but I want one.  Would pay big bucks to get it!  I can envision the why” I want it.  The company producing it is very clear what they want to create, right?  Everyone involved in this company would know what to focus on, what they wanted to create.

Why are we built this way, to default to the negative?  It’s a brain thing game! We have to rewire our neuropaths so we can come from a place of Love/Abundance and not Fear/Scarcity. Seriously, it can be done, think about it?

How many businesses can make a claim like that?  Being bold and telling you the end result!  I love companies that dare to be great. Which of our Leaders/politicians dare to make claims like that?

John Kennedy had a vision, and he said it this way “Let’s put a man on the moon”

He didn’t say “I have a 12 point plan”. We need Leaders that can concentrate on “what we want” to create and not what we do not want to have happen to us. Don’t settle for anything less and maybe, just maybe, you will start demanding the same for yourself.

I hope so.  Our planet needs healthy beings willing to come from a place of abundance and love, not fear and scarcity.

Bless you!