Just look at this photo.  This is the west coast of Florida on a January evening.  As I’m sitting on this beach the gentle breeze hits my face as  I watch this magnificent sunset and waves topple in.  All while smelling the salt air…feeling the cool quartz white sand on my bare feet…listening to seagulls and children’s laughter.  Florida
Life here is simply divine.  I am captivated by the moment of bliss as the sun plummets on to the ocean with a pewf!  Nothing is on my mind here…in this space.  Nothing can disturb this peace I am feeling resonate in my heart.
I will carry this perspective back with me to work…in my day to day march.  And I will remember to share it with everyone I meet.  They will see it in my eyes…In my essense.  Especially with my clients when they are struggling.   I will share “this perspective”.  Because changing your perspective is this easy.
 Coming from a place of abundance and not scarcity is all about focusing on what you want to have happen.  And not on what you don’t want to have happen.
A fulfilled life is about having a purpose.  A purpose filled with joy and peace and completion.

When I get on the plane to go home back to the snows of Minneapolis I’ll remember this. And it will remind me to be present…and to breathe…and to love where I am.
Are you loving where you are right now?