Powerless or Energized? You have a choice.  When coaching a business I find many associates not realizing that they have a choice. I have not worked for one company yet that held a gun to the associates head and MADE them work. Not one!

And yet, as a leader of your company you experience it every day. People whining about the way things are”¦In my world you have an employee that has “Quit, and Stayed”.

People in general ALWAYS have a choice.  Always. The key is to have a plan, or focus on “what you want”, in order not to get caught up in the problem. When I coach people I help them see this piece. I help them articulate “what they want”, and then put a plan together to get them to it. By having a plan your vision and focus is much clearer.  When obstacles get in the way you can find solutions because you are not willing to concede the prize.  You keep going for what you want.

Olympic athletes always refer to the visualization of seeing themselves win.  That keeps them driving thru the pain, injuries, and mini defeats on the way to the gold.  They are totally focused on “what they want”, instead of “what they do not want” to have happen. Another example is in the medical field.  If you believe your doctor is helping you, your mind will help you get well.  When you are focused on the end result you can help yourself by becoming the “creator” of your own destiny.  Versus the “victim” of your consequences.

It is your choice. What is the perspective you are going to choose today? Energized”¦or Powerless.