Sales, sales, sales! The majority of my feedback from these internet writings have been a request for more information on sales. Ok, the next few articles will feature some of my beliefs on this subject matter.


First and foremost, know your client! How do I propose that? INTERVIEW them extensively. Get all the data you can, and then do the unthinkable read it back to them word for word.

Why do something so elementary?

1)      Proves to them you will take the time necessary

2)      Proves to them you “heard them”

3)      They will see their perspective thru another resource”¦YOU

That’s IT!!!  The mystical sales guru’s sure fired way to get someone to trust you.
Ask many questions:

  • Be wildly curious
  • Even if they tell you they don’t have time
  • Dig
  • Dig some more
  • Then dig a little extra

Thousands of books have been written about the “WAY” and in my next article I will highlight one of them. It was written long after I started practicing the very thing they wrote about.


Now, how do you get someone’s attention to get them to sit down with you to be interviewed?


You must have a CLAIM. What is your CLAIM?

This is a UNIVERSAL approach I take in all different industries”¦.

“Hello _____________ my name is ___________ of ________________”Sorry for interrupting your busy day but I have a system in place that gets our clients great results and I want to share it with you. Can I make an appointment to share it with you, should take about 45 minutes.”


I have personally used it when training Insurance reps, Auto sellers, Windshield Whole Sellers, Vein Surgery, Truck Tires, Renewable Fuel Compliance, and Building Contractors.

So what is stopping you from trying it? Comment on this post, Tweat, Facebook or G+ me if you need some help. Stay tuned for chapter two on sales to be posted by weeks end!

To Your Prosperity!