The last article I wrote was on the Sales Interview process. That is BY FAR the biggest differentiator between sellers. Do you want to stand out from the crowd and be the BEST? Then you must interview and part of the interview process involves having a “Claim” to get the clients attention.

What is your claim?

“We have a system in place that gets our clients great results and I want to share it with you!”

 It is CRUTIAL to have a claim”¦Why? Because TIME is of essence and the “buyer” has NONE.

There is 1 book in particular that I recommend on this art and it’s called SNAP Selling by Jill Konrath and here is an excerpt that I hope you enjoy”¦

SNAP® Selling

Jill Konrath

Frazzled Customer Syndrome

Time is their precious commodity, and they protect it at all costs.

Frazzled customers lack time to think, research, for strategy or reflection! They look for people they can count on to support them in these core leadership concepts. Your knowledge, your expertise, your problem-solving capability, or your ability to create new options that didn’t exist before. When you focus on turning yourself into the differentiator, then suddenly everything shifts.

Remember every three seconds the customer has his hands on the delete key. Simple:  A customer says to themselves: “I will live with the status quo as long as I can””even if I am not happy with it. Change creates more work.”

Jill Konrath has some wonderful charts diagramming customer thought processes and what clients go thru in their mind before making a change. I have a free copy for you!

Please contact my office by leaving a message on this site or at any of our social media for your FREE Copy.

Happy Selling!

Jerrry Haack