I feel like I have egg on my face!

 I once inherited a guy to train, last minute, out in the field. He was a super enough guy, authentic, well liked, honest, ok looking, well dressed, and educated but he had ZERO confidence.
As I look back I can only assume it was because someone wounded him at an early age, and it didn’t help that he had a speech impediment. He told me with his “Lisp” sound “I feel like I have egg on my face when I am in front of the prospect“. That statement and image has stuck with me for over 35 years.
IF you have no confidence the odds of selling is practically ZERO.  I mean really”¦
How many codependent prospects will you find to feel sorry enough for you to give you their hard earned dollars? Get over  your wound, or get out of sales.  Which is it?
By definition I teach the word “S-E-L-L-I-N-G” as “The transference of Confidence”, NOTHING MORE!
People BUY Confidence.  They want to feel safe and secure.
In the selling process I have had to coach people up on “How they show up”. What impact do you want to make?
For a positive impact you better understand what you look like, how you talk, what kind of presence  you have, etc.
Here are some basics”¦
·         Check your hair, teeth, bags under your eyes, breath etc
·         How do your clothes look?  Are your clothes pressed, and/or current?
·         Do you know lightly starched white shirts make you look smart?
·         Are your shoes polished and up-to-date.  (Many people judge the show you wear as the type of person you are)
·         Your coat, purse, brief case, phone are PART of you (I once had a client look at my phone and say, “I’m paying you 30k and  you have a Blackberry?!?)
·         Speak clearly, do not mumble

·         Know your grammar”¦and it’s probably not a good idea to swear
·         Don’t hesitate to laugh out loud”¦Laughter is contagious
·         Look every person you meet in the eye”¦NO EXCEPTIONS
·         Shake their hand firmly, but don’t break it!
·         Put your hand under theirs when you shake, and lean in
·         Do not tower over someone shorter than you when you shake their hand, come down to their level, but remain positive and not submissive
·         Repeat their name when you meet them, people love hearing their name
·         Smile with your eyes!!!  (This is a big one)
·         Show them your teeth as well
·         Breathe deeply at all times”¦It will keep you PRESENT and engaged with the person in front of you
·         BE authentic, yourself, and do not try and be SLICK!!! 
·         You make the BEST you on the Planet”¦BE YOU
I’m sure I’ll think if a dozen more but this will get you started.
YOU are all YOU have.  It all starts with YOU.
So do yourself a favor today”¦LOVE YOU.