Alone at night when no one else is present. Completely alone”¦no sounds, no thoughts, only you. That is the time, when you know what is real, what you want, what is important, and what really matters. Those moments are precious. Those are the moments that your true nature is exposed.

Those moments tell you who you are, what is important, and what your life mission is. Those are the only things that matter. Everything else”¦is B S!

That “true nature” is your foundation, your integrity. In this space your values breathe and thrive. This is the place that you know what you stand for, and what you would die for. Unfortunately, for most people, those moments do not present themselves often enough. And when they do it feels foreign.

Everything else that clutters your life is ego. Ego is the part of us that does not wish to die.  So it creates a facade, a delusional state of security. Just so you feel safe. The goal is to shed that false sense of security and find the space of your true nature. Do it now! Find that space, and then practice finding it for the rest of your lives.

Meditation is a fantastic practice. Prayer, nature, quiet walks, yoga, holding a small child, feeding the sick. All wonderful corridors to the “space” of true nature.

Does your true nature drive your bus? Or is it the “things” you have insulated your busy life with that is running you?

Time to wake up!