In Part 2 of Building Sales I introduced you to Jill Konrath of the book SNAP.  Did you like it? What did you like about it? All of my sellers over  the years are instructed that they must make a claim to get someone’s attention. And from that Claim you get the time to interview the prospect. The results is a reputation that gets you “Referrals”. And you want referrals!

Referrals = $$$

Why would you ever do it any other way?!?


The prospect has no time, and  they want to stay comfortable, even if they are not happy. You literally have seconds to make an impact. Are you an expert in your field and WORTH the prospects time? Do you have enough information about this prospect to be aligned with their values, needs and wants?


SNAP Rules

  • Keep it Simple

o   How can I simplify our messaging? Presentations? Proposals? Conversations?

o   How can we make it easier for customers to understand the value that they get from us?

o   How can we help customers navigate through the decision-making process, avoiding the bumps along the way?

  • Be Invaluable

o   What’s important to the decision makers you interact with on a regular basis

o   Business processes surrounding your offering

o   What other companies are doing to solve similar problems or achieve similar goals

o   Your industry””market trends, upcoming challenges, what’s working and what’s not

  • Always Align

o   How does my offering impact my customer’s primary issues and objectives?

o   What criteria are important to them as they make their decision?

o   What do they value in their working relationships?

  • Raise Priorities

o   What are your customer’s current priority projects?

o   How can you blend your offering’s value into their priorities?

o   What can you do to maintain momentum and increase the priority status?


Are you talking this profession seriously, or what? Can’t wait to hear your feedback”¦Happy Selling!