My motto for over 40 decades is simple. Make a “CLAIM” to get their attention”¦

We have a system in place that gets great results for ALL of our successful clients and I want to share it with you”  And then set the appointment to interview them and find out what their needs and wants are!

That is ALL you have to know and do.  No other process. If you don’t believe me then buy the book SNAP by Jill Konrath. She was smart enough to write ALL of these basic points down and make money off of them

  • First decision is to allow access or not: We want to move the customer from oblivious to us to curious.
  • Second decision is to Initiate Change: We want to move them from complacent to commit to change.
  • Third decision is to select resources: We want to move them from being open to a wide variety of options to certain that you are the right resource.

First decision is to allow access or not

  • “I don’t need any more interruptions.”
  • “I need to protect my time at all costs.”
  • “Sales people are a waste of time.”

Your primary competitor is any other use of the customer’s time!

What Potential Clients Hate:

What Potential Clients Hate:

  • Self-serving sales people or process obsessed consultants.
  • Sellers who don’t invest time in researching their business for challenges, issues, needs or concern prior to meeting them
  • Rookies who clearly don’t know anything.

Seller’s role: they will want you to pique their curiosity or provoke their thinking with relevant information. They don’t want to hear about your product or service.

  • How other companies address the same issues
  • Business outcomes they would like to achieve
  • Information on industry and market trends
  • Intelligence about their customers wants, needs, trends
  • Updates on topics they want to know more about
  • Insight into vexing problem or new priority.

Mission accomplished if you get the appointment or advance the relationship.

Remember to BREATHE.  Just BE your Authentic SELF.  You are enough, trust that! In the next part of this selling series I will give you some basics on “Showing UP”. Ready set GO!