The world is changing. Information is at our finger tips. Traditional forms of media are having to look at new ways to remain relevant. Newspapers are getting smaller and smaller because they are being replaced by on line news and cannot justify the paper cost. Television has gone from the big 3 networks to 1000+ providers that include the likes of reality programs.  Plus they are dealing with the fact that technology gives us (the consumer) the option to record and fast forward by all the commercials.

Radio is NOW in our hands in the shape of a phone.  And new cars supply us with the option of choosing whatever we want to listen to via satellite. Our perception of reality is morphing. As a company you are forced to look at other ways of reaching your current customer or prospects.

Initially Social media made its huge impact on reaching the younger demographic.  Now social media includes all ages. And it is constantly diversifying splitting up once was just a website getting traffic, to face book, then linked in, now a dozen others are in the mix. What is the right path for you, what works for you, and will it continue to work for you?  All really good questions don’t you think?

I was with a 20+ year technology entrepreneur with significant experience building successful startup businesses in the Midwest.  My new friend Brian Stronjy from Minneapolis was co-founder of Insite Software.  They develop and sell an enterprise ecommerce solution specifically built for manufacturing and distribution companies. The combination of b2b, b2c and mobile functionality allows their customers to deploy robust commerce solutions across multiple brands and channels.   Specializing in Branding, Marketing, Business Development & Strategic Selling.

His perspective of the future is brilliant.  His company imagines your customer having the ability to buy your product, no matter how complicated it may be, from their phone.  Imagine that customer of yours were standing right in front of you.  How would you treat them?  Your software must be integrated enough to “be” with your customer, as if he were standing in front of you, at all times.

Do you have a culture inside your company that is willing to think outside of the box”¦or the status quo?  Companies that are very successful, doing 500+ million a year up into the billions sometimes get stuck.  The ones that are thinking like Brian will be around in the future.  Does your company see the future?