The people around you, and consequently many of the Companies you shop, are asleep just like the people were in the movie the Matrix. In the movie Matrix a whole civilization went to sleep.  They chose comfort over hardship. It is the perfect metaphor for our current culture, and lives. Are you asleep?  If so it’s time to WAKE UP!

Moving thru life unaware of the choices you possess is a travesty. Believe it or not many people are asleep to the idea that they have choices. When confronted with the prospects that they are in charge of their life I usually get the response that “they know” they have choices. But then their behavior suggests the contrary.  A victim attitude, persecutor perception, or constant rescuing routine accompanies the poor souls of the walking dead. They have no idea they are choosing to stay in that coma.

Do you know that the key to being awake to these choices are your feelings. If you want to break a habit you have to feel what is present first. Then feel what is blocking you from moving out of that self-imposed prison towards what you want. Knowing what you want is thru the gate of “feelings”.

It is this embodiment of awareness that the new neuropathway affixes itself to and remembers.

Meditation also helps. I have some friends in Spanish Harlem that made themselves available to some young men. They started a nonprofit called Peace in the Streets.  You can find them on face book.  I suggest you watch the video about Chris. Stan Koehler helps these young men by teaching them martial arts.  But first they must discipline their minds and wake up. He uses the Matrix movie as an example.  Getting conscious, waking up, is the key to getting what you want.

I love my life, my family, and my purpose. My hope for you is that you have that same passion.

Our planet needs passion and purpose right now.

Are you ready?