Want to make an impact on your group. Shake them up, refocus them, get some synergy? Do a workshop!

I recently held one that had the following ingredients present.

Their goal, like many of my clients, was to look into the future. ..Visioning. It’s very interesting to me how a really great visioning process is so keenly related to the Emotional Intelligence of the Leadership that is in place.

So to work with me, I insist that the group is willing to do some pre-work around their own emotional intelligence, as well as get their understanding of what Leadership is, plus build some “teamwork” in, just so no answer is wrong and everyone’s voice is heard.

Then and only then is getting to a sustainable “Shared Vision” even possible.  Not a vision that is here today and gone tomorrow”¦a sustainable one.

Creating the “container” like above, that has an articulated designed alliance with the teammates is really critical in order to hear what everyone wants or thinks the future will look like.  You have to make the group feel safe enough to say  “What they want”.

1)      Fantastic Leadership starts with developing a relationship and creating intimacy (In-To-Me-See) (45 minutes)

  1. Circle them up
  2. Discuss perceptions of what Leadership is to them
  3. Discuss what is here now
  4. Write It all down on a board, no answer is wrong

2)      Setting the Container: building an alliance with one another, why it is important, and the understanding of “What is Present”   (90 minutes)

  1. The defining of what Emotions are
  2. Play Ted Talk on shame
  3. Why is it important to know emotions as a Leader
  4. What emotions are present so you can “Read the Room”
  5. Discuss the importance of empathy and how emotions are the gateway to transformation
  6. What great Leaders used emotion to transform a movement?

3)      Articulating a Vision        (90 minutes)

  1. Attaching emotion to a “shared vision” is what all successful Leaders have done
  2. Start with Why we are in business

4)      What is your vision?  (90 minutes)

  1. Do you have a Purpose
  2. What impact do you want to leave as a “Legacy”
  3. Exercise of “Pick your Leadership Table”  Pick 4 people you want sitting at your table (May be opposite of you)
  4. Or the exercise of their 80th birthday party.  They each get up and share 4 people who get up and speak in front of 200 attendees about the impact they made on them

5)      What gets in your way?  (120 minutes)

  1. Saboteur Assessment review
  2. Talk on getting out of the comfort zone and what gets in your way
  3. Discussion on the types of Fears
  4. Why listening is important as a Leader
  5. Level 1
  6. Level 2
  7. Level 3

6)      Making an impact moving forward   (90 minutes)

  1. Setting a plan, holding your plan accountable, etc.
  2. Making a mark
  3. Community
  4. Workplace
  5. Industry
  6. Taking the time for each to brainstorm their own first glace of a plan

7)      Ending on Commitment  (30 minutes)

  1. Stepping across the line
  2. Leaving behind old story
  3. Stepping into new vision


You can create whatever culture you want to create.

First you must look at what  you have.

This workshop will transform your current companies climate (culture) or belief system.

And it’s fun.

You want testimonials, give me a call.