Delusional state of safety! Those were the words I uttered to a client when I was coaching him and his business last week. I was not really conscious of the impact that I made on him until he chuckled, then burst into a laughter.

I’m creating a delusional state of safety?!?”  He went on to say.  “That is awesome!!!“ He wanted to know where I had heard that expression and I sheepishly said I made it up. I guess his denial inspired me (:

In the context of his “story” he was going on and on why he could not go after the things he wanted.  And  I guess what I uttered ended up being a creative way of saying, without saying it, OMG please stop!!!  Can’t you hear what you are saying?  You are so full of denial right now!

Life lived to its fullest cannot be safe and/or without risk.  Life is messy.  It comes without warning or preparation.  Life can be full of unpredictable, unreasonable, and challenging curves, bumps, and detours.  And in my opinion, those bumps keep it more interesting. Otherwise Life, as we know it, would be a bore.

Being on this planet pushing 6 decades now gives me an interesting perspective about Life. Without Purpose I am unfulfilled as a productive member of this human race.  My purpose is not tied to what I do, or how much dough I make. Why I exist is tied to my values and what I want to create.  It is the reason I get out of bed.  That purpose filled life I lead doesn’t include a fail-safe antidotes or back door escape routes.

My purpose filled life entails staying in the NOW, breathing in what is present, and feeling everything that comes my way. This life takes discipline and constant reminders from friends and family on what is real, what is not, and what I want.

Sometimes, my life is as simple as holding my granddaughter, or comforting a friend who has lost a loved one, or relaxing and being in the moment.  But nowhere is it safe”¦Or emanating the allusion of safety.

Creating a world that is real takes stamina, and courage. Courage to feel and experience what is there now.