Last summer I was reunited with my brother Joe and other brother (from another mother) Brian Kass. We came together at my sisters by chance. It was a brief encounter, but very impactful.

Brian, Joe and I were inseparable since the first days I can remember being alive. Brian is 2 months younger than me and my brother is almost 2 years to the day younger. I can remember being together at roughly age 4 thru age 12 every day of our lives because we lived next to each other.

Our most formidable years of learning were influenced by our time together.  We shared all kinds of adventures in a local creek, basketball, pole vaulting, neighborhood parties and fights, whiffle ball, exploring, and Long time friends-1

 I am taken back by this photo because I was reminded of ALL of that, and how much I still love these two men. And only because of life getting in the way, we were apart. Our first split came because I am an August baby and Brian was Oct, so I went to school ahead of him. We were 3 grades apart from then on.

After high school and college Brian moved to the Siesta Keys 30 plus years ago. My little bro moved to Saipan, Phoenix and now Casper. Although Joe and I made it a point to play golf every year, speak on the phone, and be godfathers to our kids, it didn’t dawn on me how important these two men were to me until I was with them last summer, and later by seeing this photo.

These two men helped shape me into the man I am today.  Mostly all of the good stuff-the bad I learned on my own! Today I help coach people find their purpose in life.  And I am reminded that I still have lots of work to do myself! This photo is a wonderful reminder that there are doors closed in my life that still need opening.

What doors, or memories, or people are in the dark corners of your life that could enlighten your view to a fulfilled life? Do you have the key to open those doors?