I travel a lot and I truly appreciate the simplicity of easy plans and trips. That being said, if I can drive I will. I own a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe that makes me happy EVERY single time I climb in it. Purchased from my favorite car dealer on the planet-Knoepfler Chevrolet in Sioux City Iowa! Thank you friends!!!  I can always COUNT on you.

By contrast, no matter how often I travel, I am forever “not comfortable” flying. In my experiences, there is NOTHING comfortable about flying.

Between ordering tickets, getting the best deals, airport security, long lines, priority check-ins, stripping down, carry on versus checking bags, smell and space with people sitting next to me, Spring storms, last minute travel plans and last minute accommodations, missing connecting flights, not being able to fly direct, flying first class and sitting in the back of the plane next to the toilet, snowstorms, the hustle and bustle, tram cars, oh how I could go on and on!

I chose Delta as my airline of preference because their hub is here in Minneapolis where I live, and my chance of direct flights are increased.  By choosing Delta over others I also chose their loyalty program.  I connected my American Express to it.  So I receive points towards travel for every dime I put on the card.  It’s a nice deal. Until it’s no!

The fine print is always there for saps like me. Of course I didn’t read it. Why? Because I am one of those people that actually believe loyalty programs mean we are going to have a personal relationship-it’s part of my business success training. It is EXACTLY the kind of loyalty I teach in my sales trainings. Loyalty that is based on a relationship built on trust and results.  A relationship that forges a safe feeling, creating a level of intimacy-that is my idea of loyalty!

Instead it is laced with fine print that does not forgive human error. I screwed up on my last trip and put in a wrong return date. You can imagine my horror when I realized I had no seat to get home. So I asked for help, and got none! Geez I was really disappointed.  They nailed me for a full ticket to get home”¦and to add insult to injury there were plenty of seats open.

The next day I was sent a “how did we do survey”. So I laid out my story and my concerns and got back an answer that basically said I am wrong in my thinking and they are right. So much for intimacy, am I that naïve? So now I am looking for new options, and hopefully a new relationship with an airline.

A related story involved Expedia.  Yikes!!!

We are flying to Haines Alaska this summer to visit our son and family.  We fly into Juneau and take a 3 hour boat ride into Haines the next day. So I booked my flight thru Expedia, which was great in itself. Then they asked if I needed a hotel. For which I purchased the night we get in, and then the night before we fly out. Yes you guessed it, they gave me all 8 nights in between to match my flight plan. This included explicit confirmation about no changes in the plans. An hour later I finally got someone to fix it.

I guess I am writing all of this because It helps me process what happened. Some of this is my own anxiety and I understand that. But the other part of it is the fact that these companies are trying to earn my trust and business, which in turn is access to my hard earned money.

Additionally, since I am in the business of helping companies “BE” better with their prospects and clients, I am posting it to this blog in hopes to let others vent, or feel my pain.

I would love to hear of your great experiences.  The kind I am hoping to have.

Safe travels!