I went into a local furniture store 3 different times and with the same results. No one asked me for my name, or even tried to introduce themselves, weird huh? They waited on me, but left the introduction part out.
What is wrong with this picture? Is retail dying? Maybe, It is obvious to me that the shared vision of the owner is not cascading down to the associates.

______Furniture is here to give you (our clients and friends) the best buying experience ever”

Ha!!! What I came away with is that I was there for them, and not that they were there for me.

I really don’t care to pay for that kind of experience.  I want a relationship at least FAKE like you love me. The irony is that this furniture store was expensive!  I would have thought that the customer would naturally come first over price.

Dazzle me please! Show me how I am the most important person on the planet. I’m a believer in what James Barksdale quoted back when he was Fed Ex President.

“People are so unaccustomed to really great service that when they see it they are DAZZLED by it”. (Put that in your Business Coaching Tools Tackle Box)

 Dazzled, I love that word.

Verb (used with object), dazzled, dazzling.

  1. To overpower or dim the vision of by intense light: He was dazzled by the sudden sunlight.
  2. To impress deeply; astonish with delight: The glorious palace dazzled him.
  3. To shine or reflect brilliantly: gems dazzling in the sunlight.
  4. To be overpowered by light: Her eyes dazzled in the glare.
  5. To excite admiration by brilliance:

Once one is accustomed to such splendor, it no longer dazzles.


When was the last time you truly felt that in a retail center, or office?

IS your vision of how your business is to be run look like this? What business coaching tools are needed for your customer service vision?