Feeling sad? Look at this photo of my son: 

My Son

He is living on top of the world now- Haines, Alaska. See that look on his face? He epitomizes joy and a fulfilled life.

I couldn’t be prouder of his accomplishments and the life he has created for his sons and wife Heather.  Consequently it exemplifies how we should live not how America chooses to unconsciously trudge through life as this article states from Bill Maw and The Association of Talent Development.

As a business personal coach Monday’s usually bring solving a sad office! My buddy and partner Bob Christensen have dedicated our lives to waking up the sad, asleep and terrified human beings on this planet. In this photo in Phoenix we are being photo bombed by our client Nick. Besides Nick’s obvious joy of living I want you to look into my brother Bob’s eyes.

Bob Christensen

Bob Christensen

Those eyes are the eyes of wonder and accomplishment.  Those are the eyes of a man who has witnessed miracles.  Yes, he has seen his share of sadness, but he has not let it define him.

His brilliance shines through!