I have a list of questions for you to consider. Please play the game and answer each”¦

·         What is the difference between a “Leader” and a “Manager”?

o   -Which resides in your organization”¦Leaders or Managers?

·         Are you apart of, or lead a high performing Team”¦or is it a group assembled to get work completed?

o   -Have the members of this group been clarified on the decision making responsibilities?

·         Does this “Team” of yours know its Shared Vision?

o   -Do you/they know your/their Purpose”¦Short and long term goals?

·        When confronted with adversity will this Team come from a place of “Abundance” or “Scarcity”?

How did you do?

In some of the organizations I provide professional business coaching the Leaders and Managers are sometimes considered the same.  I absolutely do not agree with this ambiguity. It can get really convoluted and messy.  A manager is meant to manage the status quo?  And a Leader is able to think outside of the box? Leaders LEAD and Managers MANAGE, right, what does your organization expect you to do?

If you tell me my role is to MANAGE a project/group why would you expect me to get outside of the box and think for myself when issues arise? That’s not realistic! Issues always arise.

That’s where the expression coming from a place of scarcity fits.  If I do not feel empowered I will not see an abundance of opportunity. I will manage the situation to the point of NOT failing.  My whole focus will be on NOT letting what I do not want to have happen“¦happen.

Highly performing teams share a vision!  They know their purpose, goals, and they follow the leader whose “Words” are congruent with their “Actions” and aligned with the shared vision.

Highly performing teams come from a place of Abundance-They intuitively KNOW there is NOTHING but Opportunity and Options.

 I believe everyone has a Leader within. Do you belong to a culture that nurtures such behavior?