Sometimes the truth shines thru. Sometimes we can actually breathe and relax because we TRUST the truth will shine through.

I get so sick and tired of a “culture” that thrives on the negative.  These companies are not conscious to the fact that they are “coming from a place of scarcity” and not from abundance.

Coming from abundance is the equivalence of coming from a place of love and acceptance.  (Not really corporate language huh?) In contrast, coming from a place of scarcity is flat out fear induced. Does your company operate that way? Meaning, it is really fueled by the P&L cash flow projections and not “Why” you are in business? Companies bring me in to squelch the fear even though they don’t think it’s “that bad”. 

Once I get in I can see for myself the true culture that exists. Sometimes it’s better than they thought.  That’s always a great day/awareness. (I love working with individuals that “know” there is always room for improvement”¦those are the winners)

If your company suffers from drama and chaos perhaps it’s time to take a deeper look. Or if you have been growing at an above average rate it may be time. But a word of caution, it’s a real commitment, not like flipping a switch.  It takes 3 to 7 years to change a culture in a company. Please trust that the upside is worth it.  Your employees are capable of change.

As a matter of fact they thrive on it if given the opportunity to be vulnerable and not having to worry about making a mistake or being shamed. I have found human beings to be incredibly resilient and optimistic. It’s only the fear based, unconscious that thrive on the negative. 

Right now our country is at a cross roads.  We have lots of decisions to make. My hope is that we will trust our hearts, and not listen to the fear based news that perpetrates and thrives on creating chaos.

We need a vision of hope not fear and scarcity.  Check out this article from