Abundance versus Scarcity? Everyone that knows me knows, that I believe in only one scenario to this battle”¦ABUNDANCE!!! I am a very competitive person.  That’s why I was able to step thru my insecurities and excel as a small business mentor.

That’s why I was able to compete in sports, coach my kids, start business’s, and get where I am today. In my mind EVERYTHING is possible-No exceptions!

Where there is scarcity FEAR resides. Is that how you motivate yourself”¦Thru Fear?  Some folks do. If I feel fear I will lean into see what’s there, pay attention to it, get wildly curious, but NOT let the fear own me. I like options, and anything short of that is not any fun (:

Abundance on the other hand is all about Love. I look at life that way. Situations, life, can only come from two modes”¦it’s either love or fear.

This applies to changing the culture of an organization.  It’s really hard work but it can be done and will be really FUN in the end!

IF you are considering changing the culture of your organization you better realize it is going to be a bit of a battle. Some studies show it take 18 months to 7 years. The best place to start is with the Vision of the owners. Articulating a vision is a process in itself then sharing yet another.

Creating buy-in to a shared vision takes weigh- in from the Leader Team. (I said Leader Team, not Management Team)

Once the Shared Vision is bought into it can be presented to the rest of the associates by the member s of the Leader Team. Having the Leader Team cascade the vision down thru their channels eliminates potential bottle necks. Changing a culture takes real Leadership on many different fronts. The same message from the Sales Leader, Human Resource leader, Office Leader, Operations Leader, Production Leader and CEO is imperative in changing the culture.

This shift can mean a difference of millions of dollars when the rest of the associates “buy in”. A Shared Vision will potentially empower each associate to make decisions in “real time” and eliminate the old status quo. The associates need to see that this “Leadership” Team shares in another common denominator”¦

Vulnerability Based Trust. When people see people being vulnerable they naturally trust more.  It gives them “permission” to be human. To fail, or make mistakes. Not everyone “buys” into this concept…I have had pretty spirited conversations with lots of folks (mostly men) that want to argue that being vulnerable means being weak. And we don’t need weak leadership!!!  Being vulnerable is anything but being weak.


Synonyms for Vulnerability”¦

  • Susceptibility
  • Accountability
  • Amenableness
  • Blame
  • Burden
  • Compulsion
  • Culpability
  • Debt
  • Duty
  • Indebtedness
  • Liability
  • Obligation
  • Onus
  • Openness
  • Subjection
  • Susceptibleness
  • Accountableness
  • Arrearage
  • Owning


Being vulnerable has given me a tremendous edge in my Leadership. By showing my heart, and my love of life, I am able to lead people thru their fears and limited beliefs.