The lighthouse of life, do you have one? What is your guiding light that helps you navigate thru the choppy, rocky, wavy and sometimes dark waters of life? Do you naturally accept the anxiety associated with “living”? If so I invite you to “Breathe” and let that story go!As a business personal coach sometimes you need to get away and take some vacation. Breaks from work are very healthy even if this means staying at home for just a few days.

Recently we went to visit our Son and his family in Haines Alaska. Haines is a quaint little village in the northern part of the Alaska Panhandle. With just under 2000 people you’ll find it in the Chillcoot Inlet, near Glacier National Park.

We flew into Juneau and took a ferry ride for four hours up the Lynn Canal. While doing so I took this photo: lighthouse to haines

This ferry ride is some of the most spectacular landscape I have ever seen. I was particularly taken back by this lighthouse. I could only imagine its use in the early years of travel up this passage.

This was the waterway to the great Yukon Gold Rush.  I assume that this lighthouse literally saved lives.

Check out the Lynn Canal, its beauty and history by reading more at

See the lighthouse?  Tiny in the face of all that is behind it, surrounding it? This metaphor for me is profound, maybe you can use it as well. I know so many people in my lifetime.  Some happy, some sad, and others numb”¦not awake. Their life is nothing more than a series of days strung together. Waiting until the next vacation day, or weekend never living in the present, their lives are a compilation of days, weeks, months, years and decades of events they have no say in.

Many of these folks are unconscious to the fact that they are living that way. Stuck in fear-to them, Anxiety is normal! The very things you “Value” can help guide you into the life you want to live.  You have a choice.  You do not have to live in anxiety 24-7. What do you value? Ask yourself and RE-learn to “honor these values” so you can get what you want.

Sometimes my clients don’t know.  So I ask them what they don’t like and it seems like they can answer that. So their values then are the opposite. For example what I DO NOT WANT is separateness, to be alone, so I value being in connection and relationship-intimacy.

I do not like it when people do not share their wisdom, so I value mentoring. I do not like it when people are not willing to give another person a chance after making a mistake, so I value loyalty and trust.

People who are afraid all the time is not how I want to live, so I value courage. My values have led me into the life I now lead. These values guide me, during the turbulent times”¦

When a lighthouse is needed.