Old stories are hard to rewrite, old stories you grew up believing in.

Important people from our past have impacted us.  They especially have impacted our strengths. They’ve helped shape who we are and made us the “leader” we are today. That’s a positive, and, it can be a negative. It’s really important to know the difference.

Consequently these folks might have impacted our abilities to “think outside of the box”. The stories might be so deeply engrained that we “cannot see” another point of view. Therefore, we do not know, what we do not know any different because we can’t see it.

Look at this picture of this beautiful lady. This is my mother. Isn’t she grand?  I love her like Jerryhaack.com My motherno other. She is my foundation, my rock. The one who brought me into this world and she is even more important now that my father is gone.

Growing up she influenced me heavily.  She nursed me through my early years when I was asthmatic and sickly. She comforted me when I was down and out. And because of that profound impact I was swayed by her own perspective of the world.

A perspective I had to siphon out as I aged, and understand what is hers is hers, and mine is mine. In many ways I can no longer relate to her beliefs. It doesn’t make her wrong, or me right- just different.

I had to know myself more deeply in order to move more powerfully towards what I want. But I needed help. Asking for help is healthy. It took me a long time to understand that. Being vulnerable is not a weakness in this case but a strength.

That’s why I have other powerful people in my life.  To help reflect back to me what I cannot see. I allow it, because being “coached up” is a gift.

Do it for yourself!

Find someone you can be vulnerable with, trustworthy with, it will change your life. To me, it is the secret to living. Being able to be completely honest with another person is being able to take healthy feedback.

Have you got someone like that in your life?