Want to build your Team?

First ask yourself the question “Am I really willing to do what it takes to build this team?” Because if you aren’t willing to really try then there is absolutely no sense in playing charades.  It’s embarrassing!

If you are ready, here are some really important guidelines:

1)      Create a budget for team building (Allocate REAL $$)

2)      Devote time to getting “offsite” to build the Team

3)      Hire professional facilitators

4)      Be prepared to give the time to developing competence and relationship

5)      Start the process of Personal Development (PD)

6)      Create a culture of PD

7)      Read all the books necessary to create a high level of Emotional Intelligence

8)      Mentor the importance of “naming what emotion” is present”¦mad, sad, glad, fear or shame

9)      Get your Leaders professional Coaching

10)   Start everything first with this one thing”¦ creating “Vulnerability Based Trust”

That get your attention?

It is all possible and very important when building a Team. A team needs all of these guidelines to have the conviction needed to change the culture. Your Teammates or Leaders will see how committed you are if you take these steps. Your Conviction is what will sell it.

And to begin it all by saying one of the goals is to create Vulnerability Based Trust”¦well, that is the real foundation to a successful team. Being vulnerable starts with you. A vulnerable leader shows the way, models the program, demonstrates the strength and trust for the team by showing their feelings.

Vulnerability = S-T-R-E-N-G-T-H

The common misnomer I encounter, mostly by men, is that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness. Vulnerable = Weakness

It’s not true, how many times have you witnessed a strong human being demonstrating a sense of passion, or compassion for another and relate to it? What happens to you when you see a strong leader weep? I’ll tell you what happens”¦Trust emotes.

Thus, if you want to build a team you must build trust. Leadership development coaching starts here! If you want trust on a whole new level, you have to be vulnerable. That’s it! Lesson over.