I’ve read accounts of people in hospice, and/or other “right before death” moments speak of their heart space.

I have also been with people on their deathbed and witnessed for myself the uncanny “Calm” in their eyes and body. It’s a surreal sense of “knowing” that they possess. A calm that is unusual, or unprecedented in their life. It is like they truly “KNOW”.

“¦And gives references to actions that do not represent the ego centric self they possessed when “living among us”. It’s what some have described as the “death” of Ego.

The importance of these case studies, and my own personal experiences, give me hope that the path I am on will resonate with others. In turn, help them get what they want now, so they don’t have to realize it later. You see, I believe it is possible to access this heart space today, while we are walking-about, and not wait until we are on death’s doorstep.

There is power in this heart space. It is where are values live. Honoring those values can create the kind of world we want to live in. This heart space is what some believe to be our Spirit, to others it is described as Soul, Leader With-in, Universe, Master, Captain, Nature”¦Whatever your belief can empower you to live the life you want to live.

The other voices in our heads compose of the Ego-Centric Self. A very important creative part of our mind and consciousness that gives us our persona. Our Hyper Achiever, Controller, Judge, Victim, (And many more) are all a part of the Self that drives the bus of life. These various voices have helped shape the person we are today, and quite frankly need acknowledgment and recognition.

By recognizing, embracing, and “literally loving” these parts of our Self we will create space for the True Leader within to emerge. Sometimes it is that simple”¦first you have to love the parts of you that might drive you crazy”¦like the Controller. Personally, I possess a big Controller.  It is the part of me that enables me to run multiple radio stations and manage a TV sales department all at once. But if I let it drive my bus it has the tendency to stomp on anyone that gets in my way. It is a real “team builder” squelcher!

Making room for the Leader within, or what I refer to as the Heart Space, is where you can notice your life change very quickly. Accessing the “Calm” described above by those on death’s doorstep is available every single moment in your life just by saying “NO” to the voices that drive you. And “KNOW” to the inner voice of reason, your heart space.

All pretty heavy subject manner huh? It may or may not resonate with you. That’s ok! You don’t have to buy what I’m selling.

The point is to find what does resonate with you.  What will help you stop blaming everyone or thing around you for not getting what you want? It’s up to you! It’s up to you to find your own Leadership Development Coaching style and way. Listen to your Inner Leader. Contemplate and listen. The key is in your hands.