Over the years my friends have nicknamed me “Hawk” because my name Haack is pronounced that way. Also because, in my younger years, I was gifted with some speed and jumping ability so it connoted “flying”.  But more importantly in later life, being Hawk served me on my ability to “see”.  And as a Leader, that gift came in real handy.

Jerry-Haack-logoI have always had the ability to see “what is next””¦The perspective from 5,000 feet. As you can see I even adopted the Hawk on my Logo.




On January 28th, 2004 I read the book Primal Leadership by Goldman. He authored Emotional Intelligence as well and I was a fan of his. I fell in love with the name of Primal Leadership so I used it for my company.  It depicts the kind of Leadership I employ and foster in the companies I serve as a professional business coach.

The book does an outstanding job of Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence.  Power as in Primal power in Leading. The book uses decades of research from world class organizations that resonate leaders (whether CEO’s or managers, coaches or politicians) excel not just thru skills and smarts, but by connecting with others using EI (Emotional Intelligence) competencies like empathy and self-awareness.

I know I am a successful communicator because I have honed the art of listening, and feeling.  Consequently I feel what is present in the group or room, and can name it.  Being able to name what is here now emotionally gives me instant credibility with the audience as a professional business coach. Empathy comes from feelings. Anger, grief, joy, fear and shame are the 5 indicators I use for such clarity. If this is something you aspire then go buy the books and start practicing what they suggest.  It’s really that simple.

I’ll leave you with this manifestation. This Mr. Hawk Mr HAWK lives in my backyard with his partner and two babies. He is sitting on my back deck looking for food to feed his young.  Formidable chap wouldn’t you say? He is doing what he does best”¦seeing the landscape, and going after what he wants. I love the metaphor”¦

My life has been blessed with being able to see the landscape and going after what I wanted. Truly knowing what I want, and putting myself in a position to get it, is what I describe as a fulfilled life.

So I humbly ask you to ask yourself”¦is your life fulfilled?