When you finally decide to choose to create a company that promotes Abundance over Scarcity you are choosing a life of love versus fear. Abundance has endless possibilities attached to it! But it takes time, patience and understanding the success training systems behind culture change to create such an environment.

Professional Business Coaching Companies like mine can make an immediate impact of a business when we are hired to help shift the culture. Impacts do not change culture the sustainability is the problem. Just think of how many self-help books you’ve read, retreats and workshops you have attended, or motivational experiences you have had, did they stick?

Research suggests that it takes 3 to 7 years to successfully convert a culture.  So when you hire a company like mine make sure you ask that question. How long will “what I want to create” take to change my culture?  Whatever the answer is, you can plan on doubling it.

I like to begin with the “Situation Analysis”, which is basically an assessment of where the leader team is right now. I ask around 70 questions to each member individually to get a snap shot of what is happening in real time. That will become the benchmark for the future when we look back to see how far we’ve come. Knowing where you are starting, or are coming from, is crucial when it is time to “look back” and measure how much progress was made.

Shifting the culture of an organization also takes PD (Personal Development), or what I call “a lot of Emotional Intelligence coaching“. Understanding what motivates your team “emotionally” is critical when putting the plan together, it is the most important part of the success training system. Setting the “context” of the culture moving forward to be coming from a place of Abundance means to have your team fully aware of their individual state of mind. IE, helping them understand the importance of coming from a place of Joy, or love and not being governed by their own Fear or Shame.

Once you get everyone conscious of their emotional development you can start to forge your vision.  Taking your Leader team into a visioning exercise is much easier and sustainable when everyone present can voice their concerns or beliefs. Having a facilitator present to name the fear, shame etc will help knock down the roadblocks! It all stems from creating the Vision/Abundance you want to reign through.

Co-Sharing a vision in this way is powerful. Commitment and accountability is built right into it.And that is what will help make it more sustainable for the associates. The Leader team will cascade the vision into the rest of the organization, living the values of the company. Thus creating a shift, that shift is your culture changing.

Remember, your “culture” is the belief system of your employees.  Putting “words” to the true belief system is the first step in changing a culture from a place of scarcity to abundance.

Choose Abundance, leave the life of fear behind!