What does that mean to you? Ask your partner, a friend, co-worker and you will find the answers very interesting. What does it mean to come from a place of abundance? And in contrast what does it mean to come from a place of scarcity?

Abundance is a noun that is described as a very large quantity of something; the good things in life are plentiful; prosperity. Scarcity is also a noun that describes the state of being scarce or in short supply; shortage; lack of. Abundance or Scarcity, which do you choose?

It is a choice if you “wake up” to the idea that everything is a choice. No one is to blame or persecute-just choice. As a Professional Business Coach I find this dilemma all the time

Try on this perspective”¦Coming from Abundance has more space. More room to move around in, think in. more options, more solutions, more opportunities. Coming from Abundance is empowering for yourself, and those you serve, lead or co-exist with. When I feel Abundant my strength increases 100 fold. I am no longer victim to anything.  I am larger than life. My world is being governed by my values.

I am shining and leading a purpose-filled life. My problems are just bumps in the road of life. I feel the love.

In contrast when I come from scarcity everything is small, narrow, closed off, not clear, dark or murky. It is a place of fear and not knowing. Companies that come from a place of scarcity have a coercive edge to them. Associates do not want to make a mistake. Heads are down, productivity is not efficient, absenteeism is high, turn-over is constant, and life is drudgery.

When a company has the culture of coming from Abundance joy is present. Vision is present. The focus is on “what you want”. In contrast when a company’s culture is coming from a place of scarcity the focus is totally on “what you do not want to have happen”. Fear is present.

I look at abundance as love and scarcity as fear. When it comes to coaching your team or business I invite you to look at ANY situation in that perspective.

Is “what is here now” coming from love or fear, abundance versus scarcity?

Choose love and watch your world get more interesting!