This wonderful group of people just experienced each other on a whole new way. A day and a half long business leadership coaching workshop that “hit the mark” look at them!  Look into their eyes. They are in an enlightened state of “Being”. I’m so lucky I get to witness this kind of phenomenon all the time.

 Consequently I “know” beyond a shadow of a doubt when a “team/group” of people connect.  I witness it, feel it, see it. The intimacy is extraordinary.

Intimacy”¦ noun, plural intimacies.

1. the state of being intimate.
2. a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group.
3. a close association with or detailed knowledge or deep understanding of a place, subject, period of history, etc.:

I prefer looking at the word this way”¦In-To-Me-See. Vulnerable!  Isn’t that the goal when building teamwork?

It started off like all other workshops.  Setting the intentions, naming the expectations, designing the alliance with one another, how they were going to be with one another, ground rules/no one is wrong, etc. And it moved quickly into what had happened, what is here now/present, and what they wanted moving forward.

This was and is a very high performing group of individuals that had come together as one.

 Personal History Exercises, and how it impacted their “Leader With-in” was one of the first tools that got them to be real with one another.  Understanding their ego and how their emotions dance in and out of their drama and purpose was another.

I keep it simple and use the 5 emotions as mad, sad, glad, fear and shame sets an easy context to communicating with one another.

Plus I try like heck to get them to “buy into” the basic two modes of life being either love or fear.  And once we establish that principle, it is game changer. Looking at the interactions of a group from either love or fear cuts thru the crap.  However, in the corporate world using those words (love and fear) are generally frowned upon so I use abundance versus scarcity.

Example”¦When I am coming from a place of abundance I have many more options, I’m solution based, and I am more open and transparent to opposing possibilities. (Love mode)  In contrast when coming from scarcity I have limited options, no ideas, and closed off to possibilities. (Fear mode)

We also worked on listening skills, vulnerability based trust, leaning into each other,  and conflict resolutions.  All of which segued to “choosing” to stay with the Leader within and come from their power.

Right before this photo they stepped across a line to a new way of being. It was awe inspiring and I am eternally grateful for have witnessing the event.

Thank you for being in my life.