Good Day! I hope this message finds you in good health and prosperity.

Coaching is a two part process;

1)      To know your SELF on a deeper level
2)      So you can move more POWERFULLY towards what you want

That’s it!!!  That’s the secret.

Knowing your SELF is easiest when approached through the portal of Emotions (deeper level).

Know your emotions inside out, and you will know what gives you joy and what you fear (the roadblocks). You will also discover your emotionally charged buttons, and when someone else’s emotions are present and projected onto you.

What you want is personal, (different for every individual) and is sometimes hidden from view. It can be found through the exploration of one’s own beliefs, and fears. Once you can articulate what you want you have an opportunity to move more powerfully towards it. Sometimes it is as simple as creating a Plan.

So the question looms”¦Who are you, what do you want, and what is your plan? That question cannot be avoided if you are living a Purpose-Filled Life. Business success training begins with your purpose!

I invite you to push the envelope and get back to back (to back if possible) coaching whenever it is available. You really cannot be coached too much! Back to back coaching has been described as the relentless pursuit of me!

Go for it!  Do you love your Self enough to go after everything you want? Moving more powerfully towards what you want, without all the shame, judgment, people pleaser, and victim weight is a life worth living.

Come on, it’s your legacy, your reason for being! What is it?