“Ok I’ll admit it. I’m a Michael Jordon fan. I love his drive and determination. No one worked as hard as him. I also loved how he left the game of basketball at the pinnacle of his career because of a childhood dream of his and his fathers. He had just won 3 NBA titles in a row”¦3!!! For what? Starting at the bottom of baseball long after his youth, way after his development should have happened. Why? Because he wanted to try it!

He got up at dark, ate breakfast by himself, and worked all day long for 3 years trying to make it as a pro baseball player. In the end he couldn’t hit the curve. Fail? I don’t think so. As he puts it, what’s the worse thing that happened to him, it didn’t turn out the way he wanted. Wow! So what did he do? He went back to the NBA and won 3 more titles in a row. Taking risk inspires me as a business success coach! No risk, no reward!

The pain he felt motivated him thru the fear of failing and took him to the annuals of NBA history as the greatest ever. What if we all worked that hard?”