When I read about people doing what they were intended to do in life, I think of the famous people in history like Lincoln, Beethoven, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Dr. King, and Einstein, were all born to do what they did. I can’t think of them as anything but the people they were, living a life of Purpose. Purpose in business, invention, the lord and arts.

I think of them as being born to wake us up to new perspectives and beauty. Even entertainers like Jimi Hendrix, Brian Wilson, and Tom Hanks seem like they were born to play a guitar, write songs, and be an actor! Doing exactly what they were intended to do on this planet.

 I don’t think of myself that way but people tell me all the time that I look happy”¦radiant”¦energized”¦fulfilled. And in my heart of hearts, I know I am doing exactly what I was put on this earth to do”¦Wake people up.

 Waking people up to their own brilliance is what I cherish.  It’s what I live for. I get to witness people during the times that they “choose” to be more. Check out the folks in this picture.  They just finished a two and a half day workshop with my buddy Bob Christiansen and me in Kansas City.

The workshop was designed to help these folks step into a new way of experiencing their


Leadership Academy Kansas City

Leadership as well as each other’s Leadership. It was so much fun! So rewarding watching them light up!

And I am grateful and humbled for their hard work, dedication, courage and commitment.My hope is that you find your place to shine.

Life is short.  Get to work and smile!