Back in the early 90’s when I was an account executive at an ad agency I used to read the trade magazines all the time. That’s what I had to do to “keep up” with the latest when coaching my businesses. The “trades” knew what was next. Or at least I thought. They also saw something big coming”¦watch for the “Information Highway” they said.
“¦It would change everything

What were they describing? The Information Highway was the Internet. It seems like a lifetime ago, when we used to get all our information from print. Now look at us! Information on success and success training systems are all just a click away.

Do we need newspapers, magazines, phone books, maps, or encyclopedias for information? Nope, we look it up on our phone or we just Google it. Google has branded itself as a verb for crying out loud! Google or You Tube is a huge source of information. (I still reserve the right to not believe that it’s all true but I must admit it’s interesting and entertaining.)

I love Ted Talks too! You can find very interesting talks worth spreading (their motto) at If you like science and love Veritasium on You Tube-a whole channel of science and engineering videos, expert interviews, cool demo’s and discussion with the public check it out here.

This is a valuable resource for my clients. When coaching for businesses I look for every opportunity and reference for my clients to help themselves get what they want.

But if you want to be shocked a little you must visit Wisecrack You Tube. They take really smart things and make them funny. I have a client reference the movie Matrix in their marketing strategy. So I looked at the hidden meaning of Matrix on Wisecrack…hmmm. “Know”¦your Self. Learning the truth of life.” Well now. Just when I thought I’ve seen everything.

The Information Highway. It’s become part of our fiber.