22.5 inches

22.5 inch Walleye

Not where am I, but where am I going. This look on my face is pure joy as I land this 22.5 inch Walleye a few weeks back at the Lake of the Woods”¦Where am I going?  In this case”¦nowhere.  I was incredibly present.

It’s a great question”¦.Can you answer it clearly and succinctly? That is the question!  The question everyone eventually wants/needs to know.

There are other questions that Susan Scott has for you from her book Fierce Conversations“¦

  • Why am I going there?
  • Who is going with me?
  • How am I going to get there?
  • Am I realizing my full potential?
  • Am I fully extended in my capabilities?
  • Is there value and fulfillment in my work today?

In my judgement all of these questions are a derivative of what you want. The most brilliant minds ask me every day how to get what they want. Today”¦start with  Where am I going?  It could be the jump start you need to live a purpose filled life.

My purpose in life is to serve others. Wake them up to a new way of “being”. That includes my family, friends, clients, special interests, people in general etc. I have a plan on how to do that. But I can tell you the main person I must serve is me. Because if I don’t get balance I will not be able to show up for those I serve.

So where are you going?