Understanding what the vision of the company will drive sales”¦and is critically important. Without a clear and succinct plan and road map your employees can get off track”¦Or even make up their own ideas on what the next move is. Put a map to success in their business coaching tools toolbox!

When coaching business’s I find this to be one of the biggest detours to my client’s needs and wants. So we put a plan together and coach up the employees to understand what is expected of them. If we DO NOT do that it is not fair to get angry with them when they get off track and make a mess of things. Is it?

Take this photo of my grandson. doing laundry (1)

His idea of “Doing Laundry” involves his toy in the dryer with the clean clothes, a toy on top of the washer, and him standing naked on top of the washer. Obviously his father didn’t share the plan.

Make sure you show the plan”¦over and over with your employees. It will save you money, and some unwanted embarrassments.