2 billion 900,000 dollars are spent every year on Leadership Development in corporate America and that figure is close to 5 years old! What does that tell you? I know what it means to me.  It’s time to put development in the classrooms. Yes, we need to develop our future leaders at a younger age!


I believe with all my heart that Leaders are Made.  I’ve witnessed it. Oh sure some of us are born with the personalities that make leading a little bit more natural. But for me, and the experiences I have had over the years hiring human beings,  I know beyond a shadow of doubt that you can develop and incubate leader ship qualities into anyone.


My success with people starts with helping someone know themselves on a deeper level, what they feel, know, and believe.

Once they know themselves on a deeper level things open up, and  they can move more powerfully towards what they want.

I have noticed people that develop their “Leader within” developing less fear running their lives. They know they have choices.  They demonstrate less victim behavior/dependence on others, and more power, creativity and passion.


Imagine that world!  A world where we encourage all of our youth to believe in themselves enough to “Lead”. It’s not hard, we just have to believe we ALL possess a “Leader Within”.


Have you developed your Leader? And if so what kind of Leaders are you developing around you? 

Hurry up!  Our planet needs you.