The New Year’s projections and resolutions are due.  Time for 2016! Have you been anticipating a wonderful year, one filled with lots of opportunity and abundanceOr are you coming from a more narrow point of view. A limited future, with few choices, anxiety, and scarcity? What sort of business coaching do you have planned for you and your team with the new year? Some people manifest what they think about. That can go either way-Abundance or Scarcity. Which one will you manifest?


I look at the New Year as a time to reflect and prepare. A time to reflect on what I have learned and be grateful for all that was experienced. It’s also the time to dare to dream. Dreaming is easy for me because I love my life and all that I experience”¦Positive and negative. Can you say that?


What kind of 2016 are you projecting? 

Abundance or Scarcity?

It’s up to you!