Please read the article written by USA Today College about 6 Life Skills you better pick up if you want to succeed at work and in business leadership.

I love it when I find articles that resonate with all of my beliefs.  This article is almost verbatim!  #1 is Mindfulness.  Yes, before you react BREATHE!!!  #2 Collaboration.  Knockdown those Silos inside your company.  #3 is Resilience.

This is so important.  Leadership is all about how long it takes you to Recover. #4 Balance the workload.  Please avoid “checking the boxes” on the To DO list.  #5 Empathy is the key.  Learn your EQ.  What is your level of Emotional Intelligence?  Learn to read the room.  And #6 is Inquiry.  In the Co-Active Coaching world, we are taught to be “Wildly Curious”.  Ask questions when engaging with another.