Today was one of those wonderful days when I had the privilege of witnessing this high performing team SHINE! 


Coaching Workshops

Thank you Scot Harold, Frank Ziacik, Jason Greene, Kolby Malesich and Jenny Studer for “showing up” and bringing ALL of you. What an honor!

You all know how  to “read a room”, determine which is present”¦ Abundance or Scarcity, Clear your emotions from others, and lean consciously into the Leader with-in! What an awesome place to BE.

I loved witnessing the discovery and articulation of your 3 core values. And look forward to hearing how you forged them into a personal Purpose/Mission.

Together you will accomplish everything you set your mind to. I just know it!

Thanks again for letting me be a small part of the magic thru our Coaching Workshops.


Jerry Haack