Recently I had the pleasure of leading these men through my Primal
Leadership Academy. My good friend and colleague Bob Christensen co-lead the event. This photo captures these men in all their power and strength.

Primal Leadership Academy

Primal Leadership Academy

It was a magical event I will never forget.  I am grateful for the honor of
witnessing the courage that was present. And would be happy to let them tell you about their experience personally, just let me know if you want a testimonial.

13 men from 7 different lines of work, all there with 1 common interest to
own their Leader-within. We started at 1p on Tuesday and ended at noon on Thursday. 2 full days spread over 3.

Our first afternoon together built the container of trust. The second day was spent on discovering and experiencing the blocks that keep us from what we want as Leaders. And the third morning was a commitment to what each man wanted to create
moving forward, the impact he was going to make in his world. This event was experiential and powerful…No classroom setting here and not for the half-hearted.

Over the past decade I have done a variety of these types of workshops for
individual companies wanting to build cross functioning teams or sales
cultures. This was different for me introducing my beliefs to multiple industries. In many ways it was even more powerful!

Getting someone to follow you involves intimacy. Do you want people to follow you more passionately?

Being able to “read a room” and feel what is present is what all great leaders master. Do you know how to navigate between what you are feeling and what the
group is feeling?

Knowing what drives you, what you fear, and what you want is at the core of
all fulfilled Leaders. Are your core values clearly defined, and is your purpose and legacy
being written how you want it remembered in your actions today?

If this is something you would like to experience yourself please find out more regarding Primal Leadership Academy. Call 1.952.322.7937 or and we can chat about
what is possible.

Carpe Diem!

With respect,

Jerry Haack